Writing for My Life

Forty years ago, I was in a car accident and, then, a coma. When I came back to consciousness, talking was embarrassing and difficult because I could not find words in my jumbled-up brain. But I could write because writing was a private activity.  I could leave a space for the word I couldn’t find and fill it in later. I was writing for my life as I have ever since and, am doing especially now. Maybe you are writing for your life, too? Maybe to change your life, understand it better, or rejoice in it. I “get” that. 

Writing grounds me. I write something most every day, storing it on my hard-drive. But I no longer want to bury my thoughts on my computer. Instead, I have two desires. I want my thoughts easily available to me and others as a collection in one public place. And, I hope sharing them will create new conversations. So, here I am: Laurel Richardson – A Woman Writer’s World.  Pleased to be here. Please join me.– 

9 thoughts on “Writing for My Life

  1. Like you, I’ve been writing my ‘self’ down in various ways for many years, and I’m about to enter my 80s in 2020, so I’m really looking forward to reading your blog: its the first blog I’ve followed! We shared a plane journey from Urbana after the QI conference several years ago and the journey passed in no time as we chatted together. Your work has inspired my students and me. Thanks. Kim, UK.

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