Collateral Blessings I

When I heard the news of the “war” on the corona virus, I did what I always do when confronted with seemingly insurmountable troubles: I slept. I slept nearly the entire week-end, sequestered at home with my cat, two dogs, husband, food, heat and Wi-Fi.

This morning, gratefully, I woke up with my “optimism gene” in full gear.

 I asked myself, “What are the unforeseen “collateral blessings” of being sequestered during this “war”?

This very minute, I think of three unexpected blessings:

  • Time to write
  • Time to finish an art quilt project
  • Money saved from not having lunch with friends and dinner out with family will be donated to my Food Bank

I feel more grateful by the minute.

During the next couple of sequestered weeks, I plan to add near daily to my list of Collateral Blessings.

I hope you will add some, too.

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