My son, Ben, a software engineer, is working from home. Ben’s wife, Tami, is in the “front line” at the V.A.  My dogs need a walk, and I want to get out before it starts to rain my husband, Ernest, wants to stay home and talk to his daughter in Maine while she is free from her on-line teaching.

Ben and Tami’s home is a scant mile from mine. My dogs love Ben.

So…why not?

Ben holds onto Lily’s leash, I hold Bashi’s. We walk down Ben’s street with Ben and me staying six -feet apart but chatting about what it is like for him to work from home, and how badly he would feel if he were paid but didn’t work because there was no work to be done.

What a wonderful collateral blessing of being able to spend time with my son during a working day and to hear how important actually working (being of service to others) is to him.

As we wave good-bye, we plan on doing this “dog-walking thing” again. Soon.

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