About Laurel

Hello and thanks for visiting my website. My name is Laurel Richardson and I am happy you are here. 

A little bit about me … I was born and grew up in Chicago. I went to the University of Chicago where I acted with Compass Players (the predecessor to Second City.) Colorado beckoned me to graduate school in sociology. I have taught sociology at Cal State – Los Angeles, Denison University and The Ohio State University. 

I am a Professor Emerita, now, from The Ohio State University, a mother of two grown sons, three step-daughters, and caretaker of one black cat and two Papillon dogs. 

My husband, the novelist Ernest Lockridge, and I live in an old house in Worthington, Ohio. I look out my study window and spot deer, fox, and squirrels in the backyard. My dogs and cat do too.

I hope you come back to my blog often. Please leave your comments and thoughts – I value conversation and dialogue.

Thanks for being here,